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About Us

     H & W Trailer Manufacturing, LLC is a small but diligent trailer manufacturing company established in 1991 located only a couple miles off interstate 90 and South Dakota Highway 81. Recently H & W was sold and has moved from Mitchell, South Dakota to a new location near Bridgewater, South Dakota, please check out the Contact Us tab above for more info.

     Manufacturing trailers is not an easy task for the 8 employees we occupy, but after lots of dedication and hard work throughout the years, H & W has proved itself by developing trailers that are both durable and industrial-strong. Every trailer that has left our premises was formed, welded, painted, wired and decked all with excellence. We also deal with, and will sell trailer equipment and parts or anything of that category for a reasonable price. We hope to always take our trailer industry to the next level with the help of our customers.

     Additionally, we will also serve this region of South Dakota with any custom welding job. For more info, please click this link and if your interested in anything just email or give us a call.

Trailer Parts

If you are in need of any trailer part of any kind, then you have come to the right place. We will undoubtedly have all the parts of the trailers we manufacture right on our shelf. Like I said, if you need parts of any kind, just let us know. We will order exactly what you need for a price you can't resist. For parts or service, please call the number to the right.

Technical Support

Phone: (605) 729-2130Email:

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